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Want to build a new application or platform from the ground up?

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Build Your Rocketship

Whether you're starting from the back of a napkin, a pitch deck, or a prototype in the marketplace, HFC can work with your team to craft award-winning digital experiences across user classes and channels.New Product teams from HFC offer a blend of strategy, user experience expertise, and technical acumen that comes from launching dozens of innovative products with startups and Fortune 500s alike for more than a decade.

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Craft a flight plan

We meet you where you are, and build the right team to craft and iterate your product using a nimble Agile framework.

  • Define the problem and your target users
  • Gather competitive and user research to inform product decisions
  • Generate user stories and wireframes
  • Build using lightweight Agile practices
  • Test & analyze usage data and user feedback
  • Iterate & improve
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We are delighted with the final product!

Zoe Rumford

Audible | Senior Director of Human Resources

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About Our Culture

HappyFunCorp strives to cultivate an environment where talented people can do great work – and have fun doing it.

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  • Positivity. It’s a Happy Fun team, and we aim to keep it that way.
  • Selectivity. We’re built on trust, and that trust is rooted in every HappyFunCorp team member bringing high EQ as well as sharp technical skills to the table.
  • Efficiency. We know time matters: for our clients, our families, and our passions. We respect it by continuously working smarter to the benefit of everyone we work with.
  • Collaboration. We know that software is a team sport – and we’re better when we work together.

Let's build something great.

When you reach out to us, our senior staff are here to help learn more about your needs and hand-pick a team that you’ll love.