Bring new products to market

We develop innovative ideas from concept to launch – and beyond

New Products

Developing a new product concept and bringing it to market requires a blend of deep expertise in strategy, design, and technology. We’ve helped Fortune 500s innovate and new startups launch and scale across a variety of verticals and technologies – dozens over the past ten years – with award-winning results.

Our Partners

Samsung Amazon Bookshop Disney WeWork Gatorade Twitter Techcrunch

Not just launch parties – landing parties

Scale technology stacks

Scale technology stacks

Grow userbases and revenue

Grow userbases and revenue

Strategically define specifications

Strategically define specifications

Build best-in-class experiences

Build best-in-class experiences

Expertise on Hand

  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Branding
  • UX 
  • Product Design
  • Backend Engineering
  • Devops Engineering
  • Frontend Web Engineering
  • Mobile Engineering
  • QA

What it's like to work with us

  • Work with seasoned professionals who are positive and communicative
  • Collaborative working sessions
  • Long-term planning, sprint planning, daily standups, and Slack
  • Get feedback early with prototypes and demos
  • Transparent progress reports and budgeting
  • Use data to drive decisions
Ryan Troy

Thanks for doing the impossible – with a smile. #oneteam

Just some of the types of products we love

Mobile apps


We've been developing high-quality mobile products since the dawn of the App Store

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We launch new brands and give existing businesses a boost

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TV Apps and OTT

TV Apps and OTT

We're experts in experiences with livestreaming and on-demand video

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Recent Launches

About Our Culture

HappyFunCorp has been designing and building web and mobile applications for over 10 years, and has built a culture that values open communication, positivity, and a dedication to solving challenging problems. Remote working has been a vital part of our culture from the start, and our teams’ performance shines as a result. Above all, we create an environment where talented people can do great work and enjoy working together.

  • High on autonomy, low on formality. We have meetings when we need to, and not when we don’t. We aim to get things done for our clients.
  • We know that software is a team sport – we value emotional intelligence as well as technical proficiency.
  • We’re pragmatic rather than dogmatic. Though we bring experience and best practices to bear, we are steadfast in working towards our goals.
  • We know how to run high-performing remote teams and have been remote-first since 2010.
  • Our Mission focuses on creating US-based teams, particularly from talent in underserved communities.
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